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NFPA 1403 Compliant Introductory Program Course

The NFPA 1403 Compliant Introductory program is designed to help volunteer fire departments remain compliant with NFPA 1403: Standard on Live Fire Training Evolutions. NFPA 1403 dictates which of the NFPA 1001 objective must be completed prior to a firefighter certification candidate participating in live fire training evolutions and is designed to ensure that firefighters who participate in live fire training have the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to complete the training evolution safety and effectively. The SFFMA NFPA 1403 Compliant Introductory program incorporates portions of the NFPA 1001 objectives into a program that ensures compliance with NFPA 1403 and thus ensures firefighter safety. Firefighters who complete the NFPA 1403 Compliant Introductory program are not certified as structural firefighters and should not make entry into fires other than those in controlled training environments.

Prerequisites: None

Course Cost: $250.00

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Texas Forest Service: 2604 Grant Fundable!

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Our goal at Emergency Solutions is to provide top quality, on-line training to both new volunteers, as well as a department’s existing personnel. Our courses are compliant with the current NFPA 1001 curriculum. We offer this and other computer based courses, along with tactile skills training and testing, which provides the foundation for each certification level. Courses are designed to be completed at the student’s own pace. Successful completion of each course prepares every student to take the state exam to become certified by the SFFMA at the level they have chosen.