We can provide seamless access control and video monitoring solutions for stations, fuel pumps, and other restricted access areas. Our integrated access control solutions are easy to manage and are firefighter resistant. We want your department’s personnel and apparatus to stay safe and secure.

Access Control

The infinias eIDC32 door controller is a compact, 2 inch PoE-enabled door controller that makes this solution simple and scalable. This tiny device supports single door to multi-site IP-based access control systems and manages up to 64,000 credentials. Our door controllers are fully-integrated and make adding a door to your network affordable.

The eIDC32 delivers the power you need in the smallest form factor in the industry. This high-performance eIDC32 door controller can handle more cards, more schedules and more functions than any single door controller on the market – making it an ideal solution for virtually any access control installation.

The solution can be hosted on your servers or ours, it's your choice. The system can be integrated with user directories, Microsoft Exchange Calendars and Google Calendars for automated control of systems. Doors can be scheduled to lock and unlock at different times. The system also integrates with a lot of our other solutions.

Permissions to doors and gates are zone and group controlled. Doors provide access to zones, groups have access to zones, and users belong to groups. This provides highly customizable and granular access control options. You can have firefighters that have access to certain stations only, chiefs that have access to all stations, retired firefighters that have access to stations on a certain day of the week or only during the week between 8 - 5. You dream it we can do it.

Fuel Control

We have developed a solution that makes controlling access to bulk fuel stations possible for a much lower cost then traditional solutions. Our low cost solution does not monitor number of gallons dispensed but does record the person or apparatus that turned on the pump, date, time and can even flag suspicious transactions. This solution uses the same technology as our Access Control solution, meaning reduced user management and combined reports, as well as lower total cost of ownership.

Video Surveillance

Our scalable IP surveillance solutions support up to 32 IP cameras from a single device, and all channels come pre-licensed and fully enabled, with no recurring fees. Each device can be linked to a free central management console for easy monitoring or video playback. When combined with our station automation systems, awesome things can happen. Dispatchers can confirm bay doors are closed after apparatus check enroute, and if there not, can close the door with the click of a mouse. If our access control and fuel control systems are also used, any suspicious transactions that are flagged can be reviewed from one system without driving to each station.