Cost Recovery

Emergency Solutions, Inc provides cost recovery solutions for fire departments across the state. Due to the increasing demand for timely, high quality responses, and the pressures of constrained budgets, cost recovery has become an increasingly viable option to reduce the financial burden on your department and the citizens you serve.

Traditionally, cost recovery systems have been a cumbersome and time consuming process for fire service personnel. Our solution provides fire departments with report-based incident submission technology that creates automated billing invoices, based on your criteria, once incident reports are complete. This enables you to reinvest those funds into the things your department needs most. Cost recovery is also a better alternative to raising taxes, by billing those directly responsible for the costs.

Incident Billing

Most insurance companies have funds set aside to assist fire departments in recovering the costs incurred with responding to structure fires, hazmat releases, and motor vehicle accidents. Our cost recovery system bills the insurance companies directly (not the homeowner or vehicle owner). Billing for vehicle accidents also helps recover funds from non residents who may not financially contribute to your services.

Nuisance Alarm Billing

Responding to nuisance alarms takes time and resources, as well as endangering the lives of both firefighters and the public during emergency response. If your agency permits, penalties may be imposed for those entities that repeatedly generate false alarms. Our cost recovery solution can provide automated billing based upon your specific criteria, providing records of the number of calls and statistical data where needed, and can generate billing directly if you choose.

Billing for Inspections, Permits, & Citations

Many counties, municipalities, and Emergency Services Districts may choose to impose mandatory fees on businesses and property owners when inspections or permits are required for construction or for compliance with local codes. Fire departments can use these fees to offset costs involved with these inspections. Our cost recovery solution can bill these fees when applicable.