Technology Consulting

With the goal of making a positive impact on the fire service, Emergency Solutions, Inc. will work with your department to make the best use of the technology you have today. No department, paid or volunteer, is too small. We are flexible, and can provide you with a clear roadmap on how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be. Whether you want to focus on a single project, develop a solution to a problem, or to review your entire organization, our consulting service can help. Technical consulting services are available at two different levels:

  • Level I

    A no-cost birds eye view of your department’s technology. Will review where you are today to see where our solutions can make you more efficient and cut costs. We will explain how our other technology solutions can work to improve both your department.

  • Level II

    An in-depth analysis of particular problems you have. Whether it is updates to aging computer systems, upgrades to emergency operations centers, or preplanning technology solutions for a new station, we can meet your needs. We will analyze your problem in depth, and provide a detailed roadmap to the solution. The depth of the analysis is up to you. We can include recommendations for hardware and software solutions, step by step instructions on how to implement the plans, and even work with other entities to design a mobile command center. We charge a standard consulting hourly rate, which can be waived if you allow us to implement the solutions.